Letter To Sinead O’Connor

 Dear Sinead O’Connor, bravo for your courage in facing this abuse on behalf of both yourself and others. When I was coming off drugs (and the medical profession gives ignorant advice about it because no research has been done) I had no idea that I was manic in withdrawal. Rage, hostility, delusions…..all these are drug withdrawal symptoms, I wrote many things to the people I was angry at. They were used against me by people who wanted to hurt me. Sound familiar? Not only do the drugs cause this kind of thing in withdrawal, since the drugs do not treat anything (No, there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance), what they actually do is disable the brain, change one’s perceptions; the drugs change the person you are. I hope someday you will understand that it was not you “being unwell” when you wrote the tweets you talk about, it was you being poisoned. I hope you know that the way you are standing up as a human being to this bigoted bullying is a mark of the beauty of your character. Many people can sing. The lucky ones find success, but the legacy you leave your children is Dignity. It is human to experience mental health issues. The only people who don’t are cowards. Life is difficult; crises are the turning points where we change our course away from the unacceptable. Cowards don a false identity and hide behind it. Psychiatry always has been and always will be the handmaiden of oppression and those of us fighting for human rights applaud and support you.Should you want to contact me, my email is Ladyheartwork@hotmail.com. Bless You.

About Nancy Rubenstein

Artist and Intellectual
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