Ratify The Treaty for Human Rights America!!

How do we stop the growing infringement of Civil Rights and the political hand of oppression that Psychiatry represents? How do we challenge laws spreading around the country based on the myths of mental illness.? How do we convince our friends and neighbors that it is no conspiracy theory that anyone can disappear from their homes without warning and no one is accountable?. That their families will have no access to them. That any one of us can be poisoned and brain damaged under the guise of medical treatment. Our children taken from us at the whim of a doctor for refusing to poison our own children. How do we drive this message home? Clearly, the accounts circulate the internet; a police officer who tells the inconvenient truth about department corruption, a mother whose child spirals downward and finds a holistic practitioner facing jail time, a mother electroshocked after saying something hospital staff doesn’t like after giving birth….all these have been reported from reputable sources. The words Gestapo and Soviet repression are terms people are getting used to, their shock value fades into the paralysis of apathetic fear. While we are distracted by the insanity of a faction of the House of Representatives shutting down our government, and rallies waving a confederate flag in front of the White House where our first Black president lives with his wife and children, it may be easy to simply say that our country has gone insane and there is nothing we can do but take care of ourselves. But there is no such thing as safety when your neighbor can suggest you need to be “evaluated” and, based on that hearsay, you can be whisked away from your home. There is no safety when doctors collude with courts over invented diseases to force you to take drugs that invade your consciousness. The only real safety is doing everything we possibly can to change this; and right now there is something we can do. The United States, our Beloved country, is refusing to ratify an international Human Rights treaty. It’s true. Why? Because all people would have the same human rights and the mental health laws which abridge those human rights would be subject to appeal. Drug companies would lose their captive experimental lab rats (you and me and all our children), courts would have to treat all people with equal standards. Reports of human rights abuses (like solitary confinement and forced drugging and indefinite detainment) would be made to the United Nations, and our country , which claims to be the world leader in human rights, would be exposed for its’ crimes. The United Sates would be held accountable before the rest of the world. We can work together to get this treaty ratified as so many other countries have done in the name of human rights. We can create a grassroots movement to ratify this treaty without “Reservations, Understandings, and Declarations”. These are no different that the days of slavery when Black people were exempted for being less than human. There can be no reservations. Human Rights are Human Rights. There can be no understandings that some people deserve less. There can be no Declarations that make any human being less than human. Let’s work together to be that country that distinguishes itself not for SAYING it stands for human rights, but by SHOWING the world who we want to be. Please sign this petition, but don’t sit back and consider that you’ve done your part. Be creative. Educate your community. Bring this to the attention of others by writing letters, using the forums available to you to speak. In the name of your own humanity. This is for all of us. https://www.change.org/petitions/us-senate-ratify-the-un-convention-on-the-rights-of-persons-with-disabilities-without-reservations-understandings-or-declarations-ruds

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